Department Evaluation

The Department of Electronics Engineering has adopted the internal and external evaluation procedures of the Hellenic Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (HQAA) since academic year 2007-2008. These procedures are being observed to date; the results are publicized as required by law and are also exploited in multiple ways for the improvement of the operation and the output of the Department.


The first departmental Internal Evaluation Team (IET) was established by the General Assembly in 12-09-2008, as follows:


  • Dimitrios Kalivas, Professor, president
  • Panagiotis Papageorgas, Professor of Division A “Electronics and Computers”, member
  • Stefanos Tsitomeneas, Assoc. Professor of Division B “Communications and Networks”, member


The IET coordinated the first Internal Evaluation of the Department and the submission to HQAA of the first Internal Evaluation Report (IER), in April 2010. As the External Evaluation was being delayed by HQAA, the IER had to be updated twice, upon HQAA’s request, initially on February 2012 and subsequently on April 2013, by the same IET.


The first External Evaluation took place in September 2013, during a week on-campus visit of the External Evaluation Committee of five (5) experts drawn from the registry of HQAA in July 2013. The External Evaluation Report (External Evaluation Report) was submitted to HQAA and communicated to the Department in November 2013.


The new IET for the next 4-year cycle of Internal Evaluation was formed by the General Assembly in 28-11-2014 as follows:


  • Efstathios Kyriakis-Bitzaros, Professor, president
  • Georgios Vokas, Assoc. Professor of Division A΄ “Electronics and Computers”, member
  • Nikolaos Stathopoulos, Professor of Division B΄ “Communications and Networks”, member



and modified by the General Assembly in 2-6-2015 as follows:


  • Savvas Vassiliadis, Assoc. Professor and Head of the Department, president
  • Efstathios Kyriakis-Bitzaros, Professor of Division A΄ “Electronics and Computers”, member
  • Nikolaos Stathopoulos, Professor of Division B΄ “Communications and Networks”, member



The IET coordinates the HQAA evaluation procedures observed by the Department. The Department submits regularly the required Yearly Reports. Important elements of the Yearly Reports are the answers to the questionnaires completed anonymously by all students, at the end of each academic semester and for each and every taught class or module. Statistics from these questionnaires are circulated regularly to the instructors and the General Assembly, to the continuous improvement of the quality of instruction.


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