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The Department of Electronics Engineering of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences combines a long educational tradition with a continuous presence and intensive involvement in research and development activities, in the field of electronics and the whole spectrum of their applications. The academic staff of the Department has strengthened their research activities especially since the 2001 legislation, where education and research are defined as two equally important components in the Universities personnel task description. During the last 15 years, the Department has therefore developed considerable research activity which is expanding at a fast pace. Research is supported by academic and other staff, by under- and post-graduate students and by an extended network of national and international research collaborations and exchanges that is being built based on personnel initiatives.

The research policy of the Department extends along three axes, aiming to cover:


(a) the major and “classic” areas of electronics (electronic devices and systems, microelectronics, measurements and electromagnetic radiation, industrial electronics, telecommunications and computer networks: mobile / satellite / wireless / optical, audio and video processing and broadcasting systems, multimedia networking)


(b) emerging areas of contemporary research interest, which constitute fields of cross-disciplinary cooperation, such as organic electronics, wearable electronics, multifunctional materials and electronics, electronics for the environment and for renewable energy sources, etc., as well as


(c) the research topic of ICT for Education, which is a field of interest growing “horizontally” across disciplines.

Undergraduate and graduate students are strongly encouraged to participate in research activities while a close interaction with the departmental MSc programs is maintained. Along this line, the general assembly of the department has decided to organize a presentation of major results from our research projects regularly, during the annual welcome reception organized for junior students every September. Presentations of results from research projects are given in more depth and detail during the reception of incoming graduate students, as well.

During the last 10 years the Department has systematically pursued the establishment of Research Laboratories within its framework, in order to host and administrate research activities of its members. As a result of this effort, three Research Labs have been established within the Department in 2015, (Gov. Gazette 1041 B΄/03-06-2015). Faculty members have been assigned to these Labs and activities have started in academic year 2015-16. Our next aim is to secure funding in order to

  • complete and upgrade Research Lab resources with state-of-the-art equipment, and
  • certify equipment, personnel and procedures in the Research Labs to provide certified services.

Piraeus University of Applied Sciences supports these activities through the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences Special Account for Research Funds ( ) and through the Centre for Technological Research of Piraeus and Islands ( ). Research project leaders and coordinators provide information and disseminate research results through the departmental web site, as well as through project-specific events organized by Piraeus University of Applied Sciences or the respective funding agenci

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